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Welcome to the Church of the Chihuahua United! We are pleased to have you here and hope you will take some time out of your day to browse the site and discover the truths of the Universe! Please select the About Me section to learn more about the creator and the purpose of this site. We ask you to be patient with us during this time as this webpage is still under major development. Thank you!

Church of the Chihuahua United is a movement dedicated to achieving spiritual purity for the one True God. We believe that Chihuahuas are harbingers of the "end times" and are on this earth to remind humanity of our ubiquitous entropy.

All original contributions to this site are proudly public domain thanks to the Creative Commons declaration.

What inspired me to create this website? Allow me to introduce you to Leo!

Do want to know more about the original inspiration for this site? Let me introduce you to Leo and experience a little existential dread with me! You can find more images of him on the site Gallery.
I now have Xanax available upon request

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