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What is Church of the Chihuahua United?

Church of the Chihuahua United is a satire website inspired by culturally outdated web design of the 1990s. The creator of this site is especially fond of religious themes that were (and are) associated with this medium. Examples include, but are not limited to jesus-is-savior.com, godlovespeople.com and hosanna1.com, just to name a few!

You will come to learn that the creator of this website is especially fond of the Chihuahua breed of dog. That will be a recurring theme on this website, so if you are not fond of Chihuahuas then we highly encourage you to leave now before it is too late. By the end of your stay, you WILL fall in love with the breed.

It is important to note that none of the views espoused on this website reflects those of the creator. Everything on this website is satire and is meant to portray the aesthetic of the aforementioned websites listed above.

The viewpoints espoused on this website are intended to be for entertainment purposes ONLY.